It’s pretty unlikely that you will find two people that like beer more than Josh and Sarah. Beer and ukulele was how they bonded and now has forever linked them as besties. Although neither are professional beer nerds (yet), both are passionate about beer of all kinds and more than happy to share their adventures in beer with the world!

Joshua is the force behind “Hey, Josh, What’cha Drinking” on YouTube, and writes a regular beer review column for Ottawa Life Magazine. When he’s not drinking beer, Josh can be found playing the ukulele, watching Star Wars, or generally being a chill Dude.

At any given time, you can find Sarah off on an Adventure. Sometimes, she’ll be finding fun and exciting beers and sometimes she’ll be off exploring a new location for the Adventure Seeker Sarah Show or doing homeschooling activities with her family. But one thing’s for sure, this lady loves beer.