Market Garden Brewery (Cleveland OH)

Market Garden Brewery’s “Taphouse”

As mentioned in my previous blog posts, I recently took a trip to Cleveland OH.

Officially (as I told border services) I went to see the Rock &Roll Hall of Fame, but also – and more importantly – to gather content for this blog by visiting craft breweries and sampling as many different beers as I could get in my face.

Cleveland has a BOOMING craft beer scene, and there was so much to sample.

Perhaps too much?

But I Joshua James was up to the challenge.

With my spouse as my “wingman”, ready to drive my beer-loving butt around in an unfamiliar city… I was ready to rock.

We visited Market Garden Brewery on our 2nd day in Cleveland after touring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, where I saw some gnarly rock artifacts like Joey Ramone’s leather jacket and Joe Strummer’s guitar.

Located in the “Ohio City” (aka. The “Beer District”) neighbourhood of downtown Cleveland, right beside the old “Westside Market” – a vibrant and long-running farmers market – and historic “Market Square Park” stands the Market Garden Brewery “Taphouse” with their larger production facility and store (that sells merch and offers guided) tours about a block away.

(You can’t miss the large, brightly illuminated “BEER” sight that adorns the top of the building)

Market Garden Brewery. Cleveland, Ohio.

While there, I had a flight of their core lineup which included:

Prosperity Wheat.

Bavarian style hefeweizen – a light and crispy wheat beer, with hints of citrus, banana, and clove. Classic.

Hyper Haze

A big juicy and Hazy IPA. The addition of oats makes this one silky smooth.

Pin High Pils

A perfectly executed Czech Pilsner. Well balanced between sweet malts and peppery hops.

Hellamango (session IPA)

A seasonal offering only available in spring and summer, a 5% session IPA, full of mangoes

Some fantastic beers for sure.

I did pick up a few more beers in cans to take home with me, they did not last very long in my beer fridge.

While at Market Garden Brewery, I also had a Cleveland-specific delicacy known as the “Polish Boy” which is a smoked Kielbasa sausage on a torpedo bun, stuffed with french fries, smothered in sweet BBQ sauce, and topped with coleslaw.

Holy crap,

Cleveland Rocks!


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