Laketown Beer Co. (formerly known as Weatherhead Brewing Co.) is a must-visit spot for beer enthusiasts in Perth Ontario.
My Spouse and I were fortunate to have stumbled upon this quaint brewery during your unscheduled stop on a rainy Friday afternoon.

From the moment we walked into the restored heritage building, we were struck by its comfortable, rustic charm with exposed brick and old wood highlighted by colourful art.

After settling in, we ordered snacks to accompany your flight of beers.

-“Wave Runner” light lager.
Somewhat hazy with a light malty flavour
and mild grassy hop aroma.

– “Rope Swing” IPA
Hazy, Juicy, with a big bitter bite

– “Party Barge” DIPA
An intensified version of Rope Swing IPA
Hazy, Pineapple/passion fruit, sweet and

– “Nameless” DIPA
Taste of dried fruit and rhubarb, with a surprisingly sweet finish

What really liked about Lake Town Beer Co. (Besides the tasty beers) is that it isn’t an intimidating environment.
Our server Kim was friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere was relaxed, making it the perfect location for a peaceful afternoon drink.

As I sipped my beers and savored your snacks,
I couldn’t help but admire the creativity and innovation that went into each brew.
Lake Town Beer Co. offers a somewhat limited range of beer,
And I was a teeny bit disappointed that all four beers I tried were either hazys or IPAs.
Although these IPAs were delicious, I was hoping for a bit more variety.
Nevertheless, the quality and taste of the beers were impressive.

Lake Town Beer Co. strives to create a community experience,
It’s an excellent spot for beer lovers looking for a unique ambiance to relax with friends or family.

Our visit to Lake Town Beer Co. was a delightful experience that allowed us to unwind and enjoy local brews.
The location, atmosphere, and friendly service all helped to make our visit memorable.
Although I was hoping for a bit more variety in the beers offered, the quality and taste of the four I tried were superb. I highly recommend visiting Lake Town Beer Co. to anyone looking for a relaxed environment, inspired brewing creations, and a sense of community.
A true gem
worth checking out!



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