As a “beer blogger”, I taste a lot of different beers.

I go to pubs, and breweries as much as possible. Sometimes (OK, often) said pubs and/or breweries are not so close to home and require some travel to get to… and we all know that drinking beer, and driving do not mix.

I am so very lucky to have a supportive spouse, who is fully behind my endeavour to become a legit blogger and content creator. She has joined me on beer-themed road trips all over Southern Ontario, and parts of the USA… and yes, sometimes she’s driven my somewhat inebriated ass to the next “must try” location.

My lovely and supportive spouse @laugh_with_Jenn & Doggo Memphis visiting “Kichesippi Beer Co.”

The following is her contribution to

I am not married to an alcoholic. He does drink a lot of beers, but he is not an alcoholic. Drinking is his

He is a connoisseur. He ensures the layman is represented in talking about hops, barley, and more.

I sit across from him at Laketown Beer Co in Perth. He is currently sniffing each of his beers. He doesn’t
get full glasses of beer, he chooses a “flight”. A “flight” for other non-beer drinkers is merely many
beers in smaller quantities.


It is for those who wish to share, but moreso for my husband, to assess each
one, and bring the experience to his readers. I am hearing him mutter “too many hazes” under his
breath. I now know that this is a type of beer that is popular everywhere. He loves all beer and does
like his variety!
Being a beer wife means that some of our outings are going to be beer related. That’s only fair because
as the husband of a stand-up comic, many outings were merely bad comedy shows he had to endure so
this is fair trade!
I love going to breweries or brew pubs, because they always have salty food to keep the beer drinkers

I do not drink so mostly I have them keep the water and the popcorn coming!

The main thing though is that I love to watch someone start a business that follows their passion. Not a traditional entrepreneur, he began doing beer appreciation videos on YouTube and then one day I pressured him to create a blog. He did not want me taking over and “businessing up” his site. so enter our best friend…
Adventure Seeker Sarah who had just launched her own blog and adventure business following the
the success of her other venture, Nova Scotia Buzz.

So watching these two create has been an exciting time for all, and I could probably do
“That Salty Food” for all the great salty treats I have endured. So maybe they’ll let me write for them as a non-beer drinker. To be fair I am a non-drink drinker but even when I did partake it was all wine all the time. Keep following these crazy kids, and watch out for the odd post by myself, The Beer Wife, you never know what salty treat I’ll tell you about next! For today the popcorn at Laketown
Brewery, I give it a; “it is tasty with no kernels at the bottom of the bowl”.

Also hoppy, the popcorn is
very hoppy.

-Jenn Hayward.


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