As a beer enthusiast and wannabe beer blogger, “That Beer Thing,” is a passion project close to my heart.
It’s intended to be an avenue to share my passion for craft beer and to engage with others who appreciated it.
keeping up with the blog was a struggle, especially over this past year, when my life turned into an absolute mess.

The challenges I faced over the past year were numerous.
I had personal struggles with my family,
lost my home, faced bankruptcy, and to make things worse, contracted Covid… twice.
These events took a toll on my mental and physical health… my focus was no longer on my passion for beer or blogging.
The things I enjoy doing had to take a back-burner to my present problems.

The struggle to maintain
“That Beer Thing”,
and my YouTube channel
“Hey Josh, What’cha Drinking?”
is real, for the following, (not limited to) reasons…

-Technical challenges:
WTF am I doing?
Setting up a blog requires some technical knowledge…
choosing a platform, designing the layout, and optimizing SEOs.
(I didn’t know what an SCO even was when I started this project)
Luckily I have some very knowledgeable folks in my corner

-Lack of motivation:
Motivation has always been a struggle for me but,
When I was facing a barrage of personal issues,
motivation became a scarce resource.
It’s hard to find the drive to put pen to paper when your mind is preoccupied with issues that have a larger impact on your life.

-Distractions: (SQUIRREL!)
With my life in the pooper, it became challenging to focus on beer, let alone write about it.
The constant barrage of distractions made it difficult to find time for writing, let alone for drinking beer.

Emotional exhaustion:
When life throws you one obstacle after another, it’s easy to feel emotionally exhausted. Add to that the constant worry and stress that come with financial difficulties, illness, and other problems, and the result is a significant drain on your emotional resources…

Lack of inspiration:
Writing about beer requires a certain level of enthusiasm and inspiration. However, when life gets tough, finding inspiration to write can be a significant challenge.
Add to that, the guilt of not writing.
As a writer, not writing feels like a betrayal to yourself and your readers. The constant guilt of not producing content for my blog added to my stress, making it harder to find the drive to write…

While these challenges were at times, significant, I know I need to overcome them if I’m going to keep up with my passion for beer Blogging.

I’ve been working on a few strategies to help me get back on track.
Here are some things that helped me tackle my challenges and inspired me to start again.

-Accepting my situation:
Once I accepted that my life was a mess, it helped me to relax more about not producing content regularly for my blog. I learned that it was okay to take a break sometimes and focus on bigger things.

-Being patient with myself:
Blogging requires a clear head and a positive state of mind. When my life was in turmoil, it became challenging to write coherently. I learned to be patient with myself, and not to push myself to write when my head wasn’t in the right place.

-Asking for help.
Asking for help doesn’t make you any less of a person. During my struggles, I leaned on friends and family for support. They listened to me, and that alone made a big difference.

-Consume more beer media.
Engaging more with other beer writing blogs, podcasts and video content helped me to stay inspired on beer writing. I was able to find inspiration through other people’s work and learn more about my passion.

writing about beer requires passion, enthusiasm, and dedication. However, sometimes life throws obstacles in your way that can make it nearly impossible to focus on those things.
The challenges I faced were significant,
I had to accept my situation,
be patient with myself, ask for help when needed, and consume other beer media.
By taking these steps, I have been able to get back to writing and start enjoying my passion for beer blogging again.
The journey was challenging, but it was worth it in the end.


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